This community is called the Unesa Biology Study Group of Unesa.The name philosophy of Srigunting is a study group that although small but possesses internal strength from creativity, achievement, and cohesiveness and dares to compete with other groups of birds that have supreriority like a Srigunting bird which is a bird with a smaller body size but dares to fight superiority the raptor (the term for birds of prey which usually ranks first).


The Srigunting Study Group is a student community that studies aspects of bird life, ranging from morphology, ecology, conservation, to behavior. Forms of activity are packaged in the form of discussions, observation exercises, bird research and writing scientific papers related
to birds as well as various ways about bird conservation.


  1. Routine Meeting
    Work program which is a discussion activity in planning work program activities and Srigunting KS agenda to be implemented. Programs that aim to control the implementationof work programs and agenda systematically. This program is carried out once a month during the management of the 2020-2021 period.
  2. KS Srigunting 7th Birthday Ceremony
    This activity is an annual agenda that aims to commemorate the anniversary of the Srigunting Study Group which can also strengthen and establish cooperation between the KS and KM Department of Biology, Unesa and KS ornithology from other campuses. A series of events on this agenda are cutting cone and filling material about ornithology. The implementation of this activity is on February 28, 2020
  3. Routine Observation
    This activity is carried out twice a month. This activity aims to train the ability of Srigunting KS management and members in identifying shorebirds, forests and urban birds in the field. the activities will be carried out in the places that will be determined such as Unintang Ketintang Campus and Tongue Wetan, Wonorejo Mangrove Surabaya, Gunung Anyar Mangrove Surabaya, Cangar Batu Malang and several other places. The results of the 1 year activity are expected to be followed up for a study.
  4. Birdwatching Collaboration
    This work program is a bird watching activity conducted by the Srigunting Study Group along with the Ornithology Study Group from outside the campus, both from other campus study groups such as UB (KS Zoothera), UM (KS Malang Eyes Lapwing), UNAIR (KS Peksia), ITS (ITS (ITS ( KS Pecuk), UINSA (KS Himantopus), UNAS Jakarta (BBC Ardea), UDAYANA (KS Curik). In addition, combined bird watching is also carried out with birdwatchers from various non-university organizations or institutions. This work program aims to train the ability to observe birds, establish cooperation between extracampus ornithology study groups, share knowledge, open up the world of bird conservation, and as a form of promotion of the activities of the Srigunting Study Group of the Department of Biology, Surabaya State University in the world of bird conservation.
  5. (SISRI) Srigunting Discussion
    Sisri or Srigunting Discussion is a work program in the form of open discussion with discussion of material about ornithology that aims to discuss knowledge related to bird animals and aims to deepen the knowledge of KS Srigunting members about ornithology. This work program will be carried out twice in the management of the 2020-2021 period

PERIODE 2020/2021

Dosen Pembimbing Srigunting : Reni Ambarwati, S. Si., M. Sc.
Badan Pengurus Harian
Ketua Umum : Ajeng Ramadhani
Wakil Ketua : Muhammad Zahrudin Afnan
Sekretaris I : Isyatul Silvana
Sekretaris II : Monica Salma Fitriandini
Bendahara I : Hanik Febriani
Bendahara II : Faradhila Rachmaningsih

Divisi Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia (PSDM)
Kepala Divisi PSDM : Aulia Rahma Wijayanti
Staff Divisi PSDM I : Mochamad Akbar Maulana
Staff Divisi PSDM II : Hiashintha Fithri Puspitasari
Divisi Komunikasi dan Informasi (KOMINFO)
Kepala Divisi Kominfo : Anisah Nurfuady
Staff Divisi Kominfo : Warda Savira

Divisi Penelitian dan Pengembangan (LITBANG)
Kepala Divisi Litbang : Chalimatus Sa’diyah
Staff Divisi Litbang I : Ravianda Putra Pratama S.
Staff Divisi Litbang II : Jannatul Makwa

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