Art is a process of humans, and therefore is a synonym of science. The presence of art itself cannot be separated from life, including in the Department of Biology, Surabaya State University. It is known that biology students are not spared from artistic activities in undergoing lecture activities. For example biology students are required to be able to describe the morphology and anatomy of animals and plants and so on.

The formation of the “Langgas Artograph” interest group in the Biology Department can become a forum for Biology students in learning, training, and developing the potential of artistic creativity in fine arts, design, and photography in the field of biology. Thus, it is hoped that graduate students will not only be capable of biology and education, but will also have skills in the fields of fine arts, design, and photography.


Langgas logo consists of the letter L which shows Langgas, underneath there is an Arthograph writing with the letter O replaced by a green lens that indicates that Langgas is under the auspices of HMJ Biology and can also mean as seeing an art and creativity in biology and non-biology. Then there are 4 layers with the first layer indicating the cinematography division, the second layer indicating the communication and information division, the blue wing represents the fine arts division, the gray wing represents the photography division, and the brown wing represents the graphic design division



A meeting to exchange knowledge and experience between external and internal parties, in order to increase knowledge or skills


The work program is focused on sharing matters relating to divisions in Langgas by means of video/cinematography and uploading to social media such as YouTube, IGTV, and IG feeds to improve student abilities in structuring cameras and editing.

1001 KARYA

An exhibition activity that is organized by Langgas itself. The work presented is the work of members of the flexible and external parties.

Susunan Kepengurusan Langgas 2020                               

Pembina                                  : Sari Kusuma Dewi, S.Si., M.Si.                            

Ketua                                         : Faradiba Widiasti

Wakil Ketua                           : M. Akbar Rafsanjani

Sekretaris I                             : Nandita Eka Savitri

Sekretaris  II                          : Nailul Minakh

Bendahara I                            : Aulya Dzannastia

Bendahara  II                         : Dede alisa putri

Kepala Divisi Seni Rupa                                 : Ratih Khairul Anissa

Kepala Divisi Desain                                       : Rafida Kundi

Kepala Divisi Cinematografi                          : Indiarti Dwi Fina

Staff Divisi Cinematografi                              :Ayu Nuryatik Ramadhani

Kepala Divisi Fotografi                                  :Annahdliya Aulia Zahwa

Kepala Divisi Kominfo                                   : Obet Kusuma Wardana

Staff Divisi Kominfo                                      : Mahadewi Puteri Zainuddin

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