: Yellow symbolizes prosperity
: White symbolizes purity
: Red symbolizes courage
: Green symbolizes harmony, fertility, and peace the color of the
identity of the Department of Biology, Surabaya State University
Circles : Dynamic, moving, having speed, something repeating, no
Disconnected. Picture of orchid in the middle of a circle : Symbolizes that Dark Orchid is a study group that studies plants, especially orchids
Build facet 5 above circle : Symbolize Dark Orchid pioneered by Biology Student Unesa force of 2005. The only 5 facet form symbolizes Dark Orchid. guided by one mentor. Shape like a root : Shape totaling 10 pieces surrounds a circle symbolizing the first 10 .members who founded Dark Orchid. The ribbon that reads Dark Orchid : A unifying symbol of the Dark Orchid community. Universitas Negeri Surabaya that surrounds the circle : Symbolizes that Dark Orchid is a study group that is in the Department of Biology, State University Surabaya


The Dark Orchid Study Group, or commonly called Dark Orchid, is one of the communities in the Department of Biology, State University of Surabaya, which is involved in the field of plant tissue culture, specifically orchid plants. Dark Orchid was established precisely on June 21, 2006, which was pioneered by a 2005 Biology student who, along with his mentor and initiator, Mr. Lukas S. Budipramana, agreed to form the Anggrek plant lovers community which was originally named the Dark Orchid Community. The name Dark Orchid Community is used because most of its members are fans of orchids that have dark flowers, as one example is the Black Orchid. “Dark Orchid” was formed with the aim to bring
back the popularization of the orchid-loving community of lovers who a few years ago had been glorious and famous to other universities.


  1. The Orchid Exploration
    Exploration activities undertaken to observe, identify existing orchid plants in the external environment, the data obtained will be processed and used as insight to better recognize the diversity of orchid plants that are spread.
  2. Making Planting Medium
    Medium production activities as a planting medium that will be used for the process of plant tissue culture. Includes making simple medium, MS medium and VW medium
  3. Inoculation
    Activities that train the skills to plant plants in an in vitro environment, using available media and aseptic methods
  4. Aclimatization
    Training activities to be able to strive for plants resulting from culture in order to adapt to environmental conditions with a high level of success
  5. Inventory of Equipment and Materials
    Activities aimed at controlling the availability of tools and materials available as a support for the training process of tissue culture techniques
  6. Working visit the Laboratory of Culture
    Visit activities to the network culture center to broaden the horizons related to the field of tissue culture and as a support for the prospects of future graduates


PERIODE 2020/2021

Dosen Pembimbing Dark Orchid : Dra.Evie Ratnasari, M. Si.
Badan Pengurus Harian
Ketua Umum : Mely Maulidya Kurnyawati
Wakil Ketua : Charizma Andany Sekretaris I : Yusfita Kurniawati
Sekretaris II : Natasya Amelia Fahma
Bendahara I : Wulandari
Bendahara II : Risma Yulinda Putri

Divisi Penelitian dan Eksplorasi
Kepala Divisi : Kandilia Sahani

Anggota 1 : Millenia Cantika Putri Larasati

Anggota 2 : Siska Aliatuliyah Cica

Anggota 3 : Rosyidatun Nurul F.

Divisi Kewirausahaan
Kepala Divisi : Giyanita Rahma Ayu P.

Anggota 1 : Dita Agus Triyana

Anggota 2 : Nailin Najihah

Anggota 3 : Ina Sintya A. J.

Anggota 4 : Arlynda Widya A.

Divisi Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia (PSDM)
Kepala Divisi : Ana Karunia Ilahi

Anggota 1 : Zuhra Mumtazah

Anggota 2 : Siti Masruroh

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