Definition Dansoulogy is a dance community including traditional and modern dance to facilitated passion and creativity of Biology Department undergraduate student. Dansoulogy  founded by undergraduate student from Biology Department in 9 March 2015 and in that day sun eclipse happenend.

Philosophy of Dansoulogy’s Logo

In general logo of Dansoulogy determined in few part, they are black circle as base of our logo, a leaf, two dancers, ‘Dansoulogy’ writed in gold, and “Komunitas Dance Biologi FMIPA UNESA’ writed in white colour.

Phylosophy :

  • Black circle as base is a symbol of sun eclipse
  • Leaf  is a symbol of Biology Department
  • Two dancers is a symbol of modern and traditional dance
  • ‘Dansoulogy’writed in gold is a symbol of glory
  • Dansoulogy arranged from Dance, Soul, and Biology which the meaning is dancing soul of Biology undergraduate student.

Project and programs

  • Editing music and video class
  • Make up class
  • Dance in public
  • Hair do class
  • Costume class
  • Videos upload in social media
  • Guest  star in many events



Ketua  : Ranum Mellina Hindrianingtyas

Sekertaris : Siska Aliatuliyah Cica

Bendahara : Dyah Ayu Ning Tyas

Divisi Kostum dan Tata Rias

  1. Tyas Cricilia (Co)
  2. Shendy Aditama

Divisi Dokumentasi

  1. Atthiya Nur A.A

Divisi Sosial Media

  1. Sindy Putri N.M (Co)
  2. Dian Putri W

Divisi  Musik

  1. Laela Dwi K
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