The organization of Students in biology department FMIPA Unesa named the Student Association of Biology Department which abbreviated HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa, with the nickname Red Pineapple. HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa domiciled in the Secretariat complex of FMIPA Unesa campus Ketintang Surabaya. HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa period 2020/2021 was passed in the Student Deliberation department VII (MMJ VII) on 09 February 2020. HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa domiciled as student organization at the course level

HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa is based on intellectual property.
The HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa is based on hard work, righteousness, justice, sincerity, togetherness, courage, openness, partnership, ecopreneurship, and uphold the rules of scientific ethics, professionalism, and societal life. HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa is autonomous and independent.

HMJ Management BIO FMIPA Unesa is an active student representative of Biology FMIPA Unesa with tenure during a period of management since ratified and appointed by the dean of FMIPA Unesa. The board of HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa consists of the Chairman and Vice Chairperson elected, and the head of the department and the management staff will be chosen based on the results of the Chairman deliberation, the elected Vice Chairperson, the head of the department, and the management staff HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa previously. Member HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa is all students of biology FMIPA Unesa who is still active.

The caretaker HMJ biology consists of BPH and 7 departments. Where the board of the Daily Board (BPH), is the core manager who performs the task in accordance with the trust given to him. BPH consists of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, secretary I and II as well as treasurer I and II.
The departments contained in the management structure of HMJ biology are structural units of the Organization under the Vice-Chairman as an operational activity in accordance with their respective responsibilities. Department headed by department head.

Departments that are in the structure of HMJ BIO FMIPA Unesa are:
I. Department of Religion
II. Department of reasoning and scholarly
III. Department of Human Resources Development
IV. Department of Talent and Interests
V. Department of Advocacy, Information and communication
VI. Entrepreneurship Department.
VII. Department of Community service and environment.

HMJ Biology cried the study group and interest groups. The study Group is a semi-autonomous institution consisting of a student group of biology department FMIPA Unesa who has the vision and mission to develop reasoning and science in the field of biology with AD-ART and a clear management structure. While the interest group is a semi-autonomous institution consisting of student group Biology FMIPA Unesa who has the same talent and interests and objectives to develop academic and non-academic potential with AD-ART and a clear management structure

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