English Vers. Habit or hobby is a form of activity carried out to fill in and hone skills in spare time. Hobbies themselves have many positive effects, such as exercising creativity, relieving stress, adding insight, expanding social relations, and so on. In this modern era, it is undeniable that the digital age makes it easy

Bio Soal 2020

English ver. Academic achievement is certainly something that all students want to achieve. Academic achievement must have a good impact on the student’s future. The ease of getting a job and the ease of continuing studies will be obtained if supported by academic achievement. Not surprisingly, students compete with each other to be the best

Bioscholarship 2020

English ver. Scholarships are gifts in the form of financial assistance given to individuals who aim to be used for the sake of continuing education being pursued. Scholarships can be given by government institutions, companies or foundations. Getting a scholarship is a dream for every student. Scholarships are very useful for students because they can

Diskusi Online HARDIKNAS 2020

English Ver. How was the Commemorate of National Education Day in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic? Of course, it could still be done. Although National Education Day or we know well as HARDIKNAS is celebrated usually by a ceremony, at this time, we can still implement it by another way like what has been done

Khataman Online 2020

English Ver. Al-Quran is the revelation of Allah that revealed to the Prophet Muhammad as a guidance for all moslems in the world. The matters about monotheism, belief, morals and fiqh are contained in the Quran. Prophet Muhammad SAW said, that the best person is who studied and practiced it. One of the way to learn and practice the Quran is to

Rapat Kerja HMJ Biologi “Nanas Merah” FMIPA UNESA 2020

English Ver. Student Association of Biology Department “Nanas Merah” FMIPA UNESA held a Work Meeting. This activity was named the 2020 Work Meeting with the theme “Improving Organizational Governance Towards Synergic Biology”. The FMIPA UNESA Biology “Nanas Merah” Student Association Work Meeting was held on Saturday, March 7th, 2020 in the Auditorium of the FMIPA